Role(s): Learning


I needed to learn Laravel in order to create a project for my Capstone course (see SuidArt), Victor Gonzalez's FreeCodeCamp tutorial helped me get through that process. Basically, it is an Instagram clone. The framework is Laravel, and it uses Bootstrap for the UI. Vue is used for handling the 'follow' and 'unfollow' functionality. This clone only includes basic functionality such as logging in, creating an account, adding a profile image, editing your profile, creating posts, uploading images, and following other users. You can checkout Victor's video here: Laravel PHP Framework Tutorial - Full Course for Beginners (2019)

Feel free to click the link below, create an account and give it a spin: (note: data will be reset every hour)

  • Laravel
  • SQLite
  • Vue

GitHub https://portfolio.altahost.com/freecodegram/